Our Lobby

We a have a big comfortable lobby space for you.


With a big parking space, we can provide more security to our customer and put their worry at ease.


Our staffs are friendly and willing to help you anytime.

They have been trained well with their role to serve you.

About Us

Welcome to PCT building!

Our building were found in 2000. Since than, we grow organically and now including a big comfortable parking space for our guest.

P.C.T bulding located in Phnom Penh, just 800m from Olympic Stadium. Each of our hall can put from 25 tables upward,

and if you want more than 80 tables, we can combine our building for you.

Married Guide

Are you planning on getting married, but don’t know how to start it?
Let Check Our Married Guide!!

1. Pick your date

1. Pick your date

The date of your married is the very first thing you got to consider. Most Cambodian parents always go to see the elder or they call “អាចារ្យ” to help them pick the good date for their children.

2. Number of guest

2. Number of guest

Once your date of married is set, it is time for deciding how many guests you are going to invited.

3. Wedding Hall

3. Wedding Hall

So now it is time to choose your favorite hall. We recommend you to do it right after the number of guest is decide. Why? Because every hall is not going to be always available for you, since other couple might also having the same date and picking the same hall as you. So if you don’t want it to happen, you got to go before them.

4. Food

4. Food

Your guest always want the best food. By the meaning of best doesn’t mean it has to be fancy and expensive, but it has to have a good taste. P.C.T also offer a good chef with a good price for you and your lovely partner.

5. Wedding Embellishment

5. Wedding Embellishment

There are lot of Wedding Embellishment nowadays. You can choose any place you like. Most of the place now they provide the package which include Make up, Photo-shoot, Flower, and so on.

6. Invitation

6. Invitation

Wedding invitation is take quite some time to do it, so for the best timing, you should start doing it, 2 or 3 month before your wedding day.

Our Hall

Pchkar Chhouk Tep Restaurant  start from 25 tables per hall onward. Each hall include air-conditioner and restroom.

We also can help to arrange more than one hall for you, if you have guest over 800 people.


Our Service

The price may change anytime. Please visit or call us for more info.


Hall Decoration

សាលប្រជុំ Conference Hall $$$
ហាងសូត្រមន្ត   $$$
ហាងប្រារព្ធពិធីពេលព្រឹក Morning Wedding Ceremony $$$
ហាងប្រារព្ធពិធីពេលព្រឹក និងថ្ងៃត្រង់


Morning & Afternoon Wedding Ceremony




Table Decoration

តុ Table $$
តុថ្ម Marbal Table $$$
កៅអីក្បាច់ Style Chair $$
តុបតែងតុ និងកៅអីទទួលភ្ញៀវ Decor Table & Chair $$
ចាប់ម៉ូតតុ Decor Table $$
ក្រាលកំរាលលើតុញុាំ Put Cloth on Table $
កន្សែងទ្រាប់ភ្លៅ Napkin $
រៀបចានពិសេស Speical Wrapped Cutlery $
ចាប់ម៉ូដក្រណាត់តុនំ Decor Cake Table $$
ចាប់ម៉ូដក្រណាត់តុចំណងដៃ Decor Engagement Table $$


Heart for Storing Money





Human Resource

អ្នកអញ្ចើញភ្ញៀវចូលតុ Guest Controller $$
អ្នករៀបចំផ្លែឈើស្រស់ Fruit Decorator $$
អ្នកលើភេសជ្ជះដាក់តាមតុ Drink Controller $$
អ្នកចាប់ទឹកកកដាក់តាមតុ Ice Controller $$
អ្នកកាន់មើលស្តុកភេសជ្ជះ Stock Controller $$
អ្នកមើលម្ហូប Food Controller $$
អ្នកកំដរ Groommate or Bridemate $$








រៀបក្លោងទ្វាផ្កាស្រស់ Fresh Flower Entrance $$$
ប្រាសាទ Angkor Entrance $$$
ក្លោងទ្វាស្លឹកជ័រ Flower Entrance  Free
ជួលផ្លាកការដាក់មុខហាង   $$
ក្លោងទ្វាប៉េងប៉ោង Maindoor Balloons $$
បង្កាន់ដៃឡើងជណ្តើរ Stair handle $$
រៀបចំកន្លែងថតរូប Photo Backdrop $$$
ជើងទ្ររូបថត Photo holder $
រៀបបង្គុលផ្កាស្រស់ ២ Fresh Flower Colloum $$
បង្កោលភ្លើងផ្លូវដើរទៅកាត់នំ សេវាភ្លើង   $$
ក្រាលព្រំផ្លូវដើរទៅកាត់នំ Red Carpet Aisle $$
ក្រាលព្រំកន្លែងរាំ Dance Floor Carpet $$
ក្រាលព្រំកន្លែងទទួលភ្ញៀវ Red Carpet Infront $$
ចាប់ម៉ូដក្រណាត់កន្លែងទទួលភ្ញៀវ   $$
ចាប់ជើងឆាកខាងក្រោម   $$
ចាប់ក្រណាត់ថ្មីលើឆាក Name On Stage $$


Flower on Bride’s car






ភ្លេងអកកេស Music Singing $$$
អកក្តង់ Music-Piano $$$
ជួលឧបករណ៍ភ្លេង Rent Music Instrument $$$
ភ្លេង និងអកក្តង់លេងលើសម៉ោង គិត ១ម៉ោង Music Extra-Time / 1h $$$


Outside Music






សេវានាំផ្កាស្រស់ចូល (ថ្លៃអនាម័យ) Bring In Fresh Flower Service $$
សេវាយកស្លាយចូល Bring In Slide Service $$
សេវាថ្លៃភ្លើង Electricity Service $$
រៀបផ្លែឈើជំនួសនំ Fruit Decoration $$
នំខេក Cake $$
បន្ទប់គេង Room $$
ផ្កាបោះ១ដុំ Bride’s Flower $$


If you have any questions, feedback or would like to book a hall, please contact us. We’ll get back to you asap!